Business Meeting

The basic unit in the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) is the Monthly Meeting, so named because it is governed by a Business Meeting held once a month. Albany Friends Meeting is a Monthly Meeting. At the Business Meeting, which is conducted in the spirit of worship, committee reports are heard and discussed, and decisions about the life of the Meeting are made. All members and attenders are welcome to attend the monthly Business Meeting.


Early Quakers believed that every Friend is a minister and opposed the
practice of hiring clergy. Unprogrammed Meetings today, like Albany Friends
Meeting, have no paid ministers. Instead, responsibility for the work of the
Meeting rests with committees made up of members and attenders. Our
committees include:bricks

  • Advancement & Outreach
  • First Day School
  • Hospitality
  • Library
  • Ministry and Nurture
  • Nominating
  • Peace and Service
  • Trustees
  • Friends for Racial Justice

Now I find that in pure obedience the mind learns contentment, in appearing weak and foolish to the wisdom which is of this World; and in these lowly labors, they who stand in a low place, rightly exercised under the Cross, will find nourishment.

John Woolman